We set ourselves up specifically to be able to provide a dynamic selection of beer. Having a small brewing system supported by an army of fermenters and aging vessels means the next time you and your friends visit, there will be a new beer to try. It will allow us to experiment with all the new hop varieties (we like hops here), different yeast strains (we also are fond of yeast, we must keep it happy) and different processes. That said, we strive to continuously improve our beers, so you will likely see two or three beers on tap more often than not; Smith & Lentz is all about a dry, aromatic IPA and a German-Pils.

To begin, our beer will be served at or to-go from our brewery on Main Street. This way, we ensure that the last stage of our beer, serving you for your enjoyment, is executed perfectly without compromising the effort and patience ushering the beer to this point. There is a high chance Adler or Kurt will be the one serving you this beer, so say hi and ask any questions you have.