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Our brewery and tasting room is open 7 days a week & LOCATED at
903 Main Street in East nashville, tn.

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We set ourselves up specifically to be able to provide a dynamic selection of beer. Having a small brewing system supported by an army of fermenters and aging vessels means the next time you and your friends visit, there will be a new beer to try. It will allow us to experiment with all the new hop varieties (we like hops here), different yeast strains (we also are fond of yeast, we must keep it happy) and different processes. Our taproom is designed to be welcoming rather you're alone with a book or want a comfortable, fun, non-pressure environment for a large group. 



We set ourselves up specifically to be able to provide a dynamic selection of beer. Having a small brewing system supported by an army of fermenters and aging vessels means the next time you and your friends visit, there will be a new beer to try. It will allow us to experiment with all the new hop varieties (we like hops here), different yeast strains (we also are fond of yeast, we must keep it happy) and different processes. That said, we strive to continuously improve our beers, so you will likely see two or three beers on tap more often than not; Smith & Lentz is all about a dry, aromatic IPA and a German-Pils.

To begin, our beer will be served at or to-go from our brewery on Main Street. This way, we ensure that the last stage of our beer, serving you for your enjoyment, is executed perfectly without compromising the effort and patience ushering the beer to this point. There is a high chance Adler or Kurt will be the one serving you this beer, so say hi and ask any questions you have. 


Friday Lunch! Shotgun Willie's BBQ serves lunch every single Friday from noon til 2. See the poster below for more of their service hours at the taproom.


                                                                                                                                                     Want to book an event? -

FEATURED ARTISTS OF MARCH/APRIL- Aaron Hilley and Sterling Goller-Brown.  Their official opening is Saturday March 11th as part of the Eastside Art Stumble and their work will be displayed through April.  It is available for purchase and described as "a convergence of novices in order to filter the information, gossip, and chaos on a figurative scale as our obsession for pop culture continues to fuel an ever growing social appetite in America."  Their work is provocative and intriguing to the eye.  Come see for yourself!

BREW & VIEW - Join us the first Thursday of every month for movie night at the taproom.  From 6:30pm-11pm we play two back to back motion pictures on our 120 inch projector screen with sound.  We have FREE popcorn and Shotgun Willies serving up Texas style BBQ.  Thurs. 4/6 SPACEBALLS @ 6:30pm, THREE AMIGOS @ 8:30pm.  

OPEN MIC COMEDY - Every single Wednesday exercise your gut with roaring laughter at our open comedy.  Sign up is at 7pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.  Don't be shy!  Drink beer and tell some jokes.  Shotgun Willies will be here serving up that delicious Texas style BBQ!

FULLY BAKED- Smith & Lentz Brewing and 5 Points Pizza present Fully Baked!  Craft beer and craft pizza pairing party!  Try their Hot Mac N Cheese pizza with our German Pilsner, Hot Hawaiian pizza with El Cuarto IPA, Meatball Pie with Dry Irish Stout on nitro, and 5 Points classic Pepperoni with our Vienna Lager.  You will get a flight of beer (4, 5oz samples) and 4 half slices of each pizza for $16.  Also, Diamond Carter will be performing live.  Live music, good pizza and good beer...  Is there anything better?  



Kurt Smith

Kurt Smith’s affinity for craft beers developed early, after a family friend brought a six pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to Kurt’s Wisconsin home on a hot summer day. For Kurt, that first bottle of craft beer signaled a tasty alternative to the products of America’s mainstream brewers, seemingly crafted more to avoid offending, rather than to impress, their customers.

A few years later, while Kurt earned his degree at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, he came to recognize that the Twin Cities’ home-town brewers were accomplishing more than just making complex and interesting beers; they were also building and sustaining a sense of community. A semester in Prague further inspired Kurt’s dream to help foster a craft-beer culture in the United States and, as an outgrowth, to contribute to more vibrant, dynamic cities.

Later, while living in Austin, Kurt studied the science of beer making and became a passionate home brewer, often crafting three or more batches per week, in part to keep multiple yeast strains alive and happy. Kurt’s hobby not only took up more and more of his time; it also consumed an increasing share of his living space, with fermentation and serving refrigerators occupying the lion’s share of his 650-square-foot house.

Over time he learned to modify his brewing method to capitalize on Austin’s often sweltering temperatures by using summertime heat to incubate wild strains of Lactobacillus bacteria, useful in crafting sour beers. Kurt also volunteered regularly at local Austin breweries, where he noted the passion and collegial spirit shared among professional brewers and the regular customers who visited their tasting rooms.

Kurt eventually found his way to a more “traditional” job traveling to all corners of Texas and around the world as an environmental and risk consultant. However, he took advantage of the experiences there to develop management skills while being able to work towards something of his own. Still home brewing, he lugged corny kegs and gas tanks around to share the beer, friends and coworkers questioned his priorities for not making a living off beer. 

Eventually, Kurt met Adler Lentz, whose extensive experience in craft brewing perfectly complemented Kurt’s business acumen, and the two relocated to Nashville and formed the Smith & Lentz partnership.


Adler Lentz

Adler Lentz traces his love of brewing back to 2004, when, at the ripe age of 18, he embarked on a six-month adventure through Europe. While staying with family friends in Holland, Adler was introduced to the art of home brewing, and, with his first pint, was smitten by the chemical process that magically turned a mixture of water, grain, hops, and yeast into an infinitely drinkable beverage. 

Once he returned home to Wisconsin, Adler cultivated his home-brewing skills before he set out to build his avocation into a professional career, and he determined to learn about all aspects of the brewer’s craft. He began his apprenticeship as assistant brewer at a small brewpub in Milwaukee, where he learned the basics of commercial brewing.

From there he moved to San Diego, where, as a brewing equipment installer, he mastered the hardware side of the beer-making process. For years, Adler’s “installs” led him to points across the country—and even to a few foreign nations—where he built systems for start-up breweries ranging from modest neighborhood pubs hoping to serve their own customers to larger commercial ventures whose products would see regional, national and even international distribution.  

Eventually, Adler grew weary of the road and decided to set down roots so he could pursue a career crafting the beverages he had long facilitated from the equipment side of things. He accepted the position as head brewer for a startup brewery in Austin, Texas.

During his tenure as head brewer, Adler extended his expertise and honed his beer-making skills, particularly in the development of innovative recipes, cellaring techniques, and radical aging methods. His efforts bore fruit. The brewery’s craft beers grew in popularity and gained market share among Austin’s beer connoisseurs and won top honors at international brewing competitions.

Adler’s years in Texas paid other dividends as well, providing Adler with the know-how and confidence to launch his own commercial venture. In early 2014, he relocated to Nashville where he and business partner Kurt Smith established the Smith & Lentz brand



Smith & Lentz believes a strong sense of community is imperative to the success of our business and a sense of place in East Nashville. The Club will use the power of good beer to bring together a diverse set of people to help drive the community - did we mention there are lucrative, sudsy discounts on pints. Annual membership signup is open in perpetuity.

Going to be in the Neighborhood for awhile? We're offering for a limited time a Lifetime membership, which includes a vintage Smith & Lentz jacket customized with your embroidered name! See the flyer for details and talk to a bartender in the taproom to sign up!!




903 Main St.
Nashville, TN


M-W 4p-10p
Thur 4p-11p
F-Sat 12p-11p
Sun 12p-8p


We encourage walking, biking, alternative transportation (bus routes 26, 30, 56 drop near our brewery), uber/taxi, or carpooling. 
Parking is available in front of our building, as well as marked parallel and diagonal spots on our property adjacent to 9th Avenue.

Please do not park in private lots of other establishments.

If you park on neighborhood streets, please respect our neighbors. Do NOT block driveways or park in grass.

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